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  1. Incredible Iron

    Game Of Thrones Spin Off

    Have you guys heard that HBO is developing a spinoff, a prequel more precisely? I am relieved that there is a continuation of this show as I like to see more of this TV program.
  2. Incredible Iron

    Black Mirror

    I watched the first seasons, and I haven't caught up with the new episodes. To each his or her own I guess, so I will see if the new episodes will be good for me.
  3. Incredible Iron

    The Impossible Burger

    If Burger King is willing to offer such kind of burgers, then I guess the taste closely resembles the real meat. However, if I wanted a burger, then I will want to eat the real one and not the fake one.
  4. Incredible Iron

    Forgive and forget or burn the bridge?

    I will forgive the person, but I will not forget the mistake of that person. I live by the principle of; "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
  5. Incredible Iron

    The Best Place To Live

    I wanted to live in New Zealand inspired by the setting of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The diverse landscape makes that country interesting to live in. The thing is that a friend of mine told me that they live in constant Earth tremors.
  6. Incredible Iron

    Passing Out On Amusement Rides

    I love the thrill after facing my fear. I am afraid of riding those rides though I can be persuaded by my peers when I'm with them. The thrill outpasses the fear after experiencing the ride.
  7. Incredible Iron

    Blurry Vision After Playing Game

    I already set an appointment to see an ophthalmologist by this weekend. In the meantime, do you think it will be okay to wear sunglasses while using my phone to reduce the radiation or light or whatever it is that is straining my eyes when I'm playing?
  8. Incredible Iron

    Dangerous Documentary

    In my understanding, governments or big corporations will give grants to these people who document nature. Whatever they have documented will be credited and owned by the one who gave the grant. So they are paid in advance if my understanding is correct.
  9. Incredible Iron

    Changing Climate

    Dust and Meerkat, so that means we don't do anything because our body will be the one that will adapt. Boomer, doing something is better than doing nothing. I think if the governments will impose a high tariff on plastic materials, then the cost of those products will go high that people will...
  10. Incredible Iron

    Dangerous Documentary

    I love watching nature documentaries. However, I wonder how the producers and the cameramen take the dangerous shots. For example, filming underwater in the Arctic and the Antarctic Oceans. Come to think of it, Steve Irwin was killed accidentally while filming with a stingray.
  11. Incredible Iron

    Changing Climate

    The last sentence is a bold statement, my friend. We all have different beliefs and I'm only sharing what "I think" is true. However, you got a point that our world has always been changing climate since who knows when. Still the question, how do we cope up with the changing climate regardless...
  12. Incredible Iron

    Blurry Vision After Playing Game

    Hey browncoat, I think you are right about the blue light filter. I've adjusted the light settings and it worked better. I haven't played much about the phone settings so I didn't think about the blue light filter.
  13. Incredible Iron

    Blurry Vision After Playing Game

    I recently bought a new phone and I started playing mobile games. I don't know if I'm getting old or my eyes are just strained in playing the games. Do you also experience the same thing after playing a video or mobile game?
  14. Incredible Iron

    The End Of Rights

    There are some cases of verbal abuse that led up to suicide, especially with teenagers. I do concur that we cannot quantify verbal abuse because we take words differently. I guess we can have the rule of karma; "What we have done or say will come back to us".
  15. Incredible Iron

    Changing Climate

    We are all feeling the effect of the changing climate no matter how many people deny about it. We can't do so much as individuals because big companies are the ones that are affecting the climate. All we can do is to try to adjust to the weather that we experience every day. How do you cope with...
  16. Incredible Iron

    Dean Ambrose leaving WWE?

    WWE wrestlers left the stage for different reasons, but they come back every now and then. They may even be part of the Wrestlemania event, which draws more fans to watch that event.
  17. Incredible Iron

    Reading Comics

    Yes, there are online mangas that I can read in English. I prefer reading a paper comic book. The feel of the paper while reading it has a different satisfaction that it gives compared to reading it electronically.
  18. Incredible Iron

    The End Of Rights

    We have a topic of depression somewhere in this forum. I think that trash-talking can contribute to the depression of someone. I suppose that it is high time that we consider verbal abuse as a violent act.
  19. Incredible Iron

    Family-Themed Video Games

    I like playing with my kids. My problem is that they like playing with their gadgets and game consoles. Are there any family-themed games where we can all play together?
  20. Incredible Iron

    A Kitten Or A Puppy

    Happy birthday to him. I can't remember my 7th birthday, heck I can't even remember if I had a party during that time. I'm sure your boy will be the happiest boy when he gets his puppy.