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  1. RegentLennox

    How To Stop Playing?

    I usually get so sleepy that I have no problem stopping whatever it is I'm doing in order to get some sleep. Sometimes just getting to my room is a challenge.
  2. RegentLennox

    Reading Comics

    I've never really been a huge comic book fan but, as a kid, I used to read them from time to time. I'd also rather watch the movie or TV version of the comic book.
  3. RegentLennox

    Sports movies

    I haven't watched any sports movies in a while. However, when I was a kid I repeatedly watched Goal! The Dream Begins. I also watched DodgeBall quite a number of times, if that counts.
  4. RegentLennox

    Sweet vs. Savoury

    Although I like sweet treats from time to time, I would say I'm more into salty, savoury meals. Combinations of the two also work out great (e.g. a savoury main meal followed by a sweet dessert). Which of the two kinds of meals do tend to crave more?
  5. RegentLennox

    No Animals Were Harmed In This Film

    Modern film-making techniques and equipment are so advanced that they can make scenes seem very realistic. Furthermore, professional animal handlers and vets may be on set to make sure the animals used in such movies stay unharmed.
  6. RegentLennox

    The End Of Rights

    I believe rights are legally defined. Therefore, someone can legally practice their right no matter how it makes others feel. However, deciding whether or not to engage in a behaviour that is truly hurting other people is a question of the person's character.
  7. RegentLennox

    Most popular video games in 2019

    I have a friend who was literally addicted to this game called PlayerUnknown's Battleground. It may not be as big as Fortnite but I think it is quite popular. It is available on Android, IOS, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.
  8. RegentLennox

    Career In Music, Is It Still Profitable?

    I believe the music industry is still very profitable. Even a single good song can earn enormous profits for the artist in terms of royalties, live performances, etc.
  9. RegentLennox

    Premier League 2018-2019 Round 41

    FA CUP Man C 3-1 Brighton Watford 1-2 Wolves PREMIERSHIP Southampton 0-2 Liverpool Bournemouth 2-0 Burnley Huddersfield 1-2 Leicester Newcastle 1-0 C Palace Everton 2-2 Arsenal Chelsea 1-0 West Ham CHAMPIONSHIP Blackburn Rovers 1-1 Stoke City Swansea City 2-0 Middlesbrough
  10. RegentLennox

    Legal Drama unfolding at my work

    It would be interesting to find out what those documents reveal. The fact that the city officials were so unwilling to cooperate implies that they have something to hide.
  11. RegentLennox

    Favorite easy dish to cook

    I don't cook much but just like @Gareth The Great, I am quite good with eggs. In addition to being delicious and easy to prepare, they are also quite nutritious.
  12. RegentLennox

    International Football Friendlies

    I am not a big fan of international friendly matches during the season. They interrupt the flow of the season and players often get injured during the friendlies, making them unavailable for important league matches. However, I understand that they give international teams opportunities to...
  13. RegentLennox

    How many hours of sleep?

    I have heard varying recommendations on how many hours of sleep we should get. I would say it depends on the individual and factors such as daily physical activity levels, medicine use, and so on.
  14. RegentLennox

    Online reviews

    I think looking for negative reviews before buying a product or service is a good way to filter out the fake ones. They may be harder to find but are generally more believable. Dissatisfied customers tend to be brutally honest.
  15. RegentLennox


    I haven't tried any meditation apps. I tried listening to the guided tutorials on YouTube though. However, I also find it difficult to quieten my mind although I believe I'm not far off.
  16. RegentLennox


    I heard from a friend that meditating creates a feeling of oneness with the universe. I have never successfully sustained a meditative state but I would like to learn. For those who have tried meditating, what was your experience like?
  17. RegentLennox

    Premier League 2018-2019 Round 40

    Fulham 0-3 Man City Brighton 1-2 Southampton Burnley 1-2 Wolves C. Palace 1-1 Huddersfield Leicester 3-1 Bournemouth Man Utd 2-0 Watford West Ham 0-1 Everton Cardiff 1-3 Chelsea Liverpool 3-1 Tottenham Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle
  18. RegentLennox

    Privacy over safety?

    I don't think having cameras in public locations is a bad thing if they are used to prevent and solve crimes. That seems to be the direction the world is heading anyway. However, there is the issue of malicious or unscrupulous people obtaining the footage for unlawful purposes.
  19. RegentLennox

    Favourite pizza toppings?

    Bacon and pineapple have been my favorite pizza toppings for quite a number of years. I also like pepperoni and BBQ beef. I don't mind veggie toppings either.
  20. RegentLennox

    Is the tide changing?

    I believe dominance is pointing towards English football. English teams have invested heavily and improved tremendously over the last couple of seasons. Furthermore, teams in the English Premier League teams are more evenly matched; it is therefore increasingly difficult for one team to totally...