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  1. Zack T

    High Insurance Rates

    We make things illegal so that we have a concrete cause/effect system - You do the bad thing, you suffer the punishment for it. Will that stop people from doing bad things? No. But now we have legal action to take against them. It's always puzzled me this argument that if guns are illegal...
  2. Zack T

    Where did everyone go?

    I have no idea. I joined when it's always been this way.
  3. Zack T

    Ashley Massaro passes away.

    It's looking like she committed suicide, based on what some tweets are going on about her. :( That's rough.
  4. Zack T

    Passing Out On Amusement Rides

    I've never understood how that happens to people. I love Roller coasters, as scary as they are, and I've ridden some big ones. Never felt close to passing out. I wonder if it's a fear related thing, or just the way their body reacts to extreme drops and stuff. Not a fan of rides that just...
  5. Zack T

    Apple Vs. Android

    While you do have to use iTunes when you're moving video or audio files from your computer to the phone, you don't have to convert stuff into iPhone formats. I've always just used regular mp3's and dragged them onto the iPhone through iTunes. VLC also has an app so you can just drop most any...
  6. Zack T

    Concert regrets

    I really wish I'd been able to go to a Linkin Park concert, they're my favorite band ever. Shot a hole in my heart for awhile after Chester died, I couldn't listen to any music for about 3 months.
  7. Zack T

    Apple Vs. Android

    The difference is typically in the screen quality, processor, and new features (like facial recognition). Oh, and also battery life.
  8. Zack T

    Apple Vs. Android

    Android allows you more customization if that's your thing. You can really dive into the deep parts of your phone to fiddle with things in a way you can't do on your iPhone. That said, you still can do a lot on your iPhone and honestly that customization stuff mostly lends itself to folks doing...
  9. Zack T

    The car radio

    I also have SiriusXM, I listen to channel 37 (Octane - Rock). That's always on. Uncensored and commercial free, and they do a fantastic job at keeping the playlist fresh with new releases. I love it.
  10. Zack T

    Computer Illiterate

    Smart phones ARE pretty cheap these days. You can get them for nearly as cheap as a flip phone, and you can get such a basic plan that you're not paying for stuff you don't need (like unlimited data). I mean you can get a free iPhone 5c out here with a new plan if you wanted to, they're budget...
  11. Zack T

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread 2019

    Fun news: Someone tweeted at Vince that maybe the reason ratings are down is because they have no coherent storylines and use their talent horribly - Triple H liked the tweet and left it up for a couple hours before he (or his social media manager) was like "whoops bad idea" and unliked it. I...
  12. Zack T

    Trailer > the actual film

    I haven't seen Paul Blart. It looked too stupid :( I can enjoy stupid stuff, but it has to be done a certain way and that was stupid in the wrong way for me.
  13. Zack T

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread 2019

    I'm about to throw my TV out the window after watching the Revival be humiliated that bad.
  14. Zack T

    Best names/gimmicks

    Sorry, I love dry British humour :( I just couldn't hear it.
  15. Zack T

    Trailer > the actual film

    I felt like Anchorman had moments, but mostly wasn't funny. I'm up and down on Will Ferrell's stuff. I sort of like The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, I LOVED Step Brothers, but disliked Anchorman and apparently most people didn't like his new Sherlock movie (I haven't seen it, can't comment).
  16. Zack T

    Fast Food "Dining"

    The only times I hang out in a fast food restaurant is for my son to play on the playground. Otherwise, if I do eat in, I'm out as soon as I'm done eating (10 to 15 minutes).
  17. Zack T

    Game of Thrones death predictions

    Jaime has to be more mind than physical skill cause he's gotta fight using his left hand now. But yea he mostly didn't do much but fight fight fight, but that's what most of them did. So clearly I was wrong, not that many notable characters died in the Long Night, but it was still impactful.
  18. Zack T

    Best names/gimmicks

    No. They should've kept War Raiders, along with their names of Hansen and Rowe. I've always loved Chris Jericho in all forms.
  19. Zack T

    Trailer > the actual film

    Anchorman I thought it looked hilarious in the trailers, then I rented it and it was just super awkward. This may have to do with the fact that I chose to watch it with my religious mother who isn't super stuck-up conservative, but also doesn't curse or expose herself to that type of content...