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Recent content by Snarky-Guru

  1. Snarky-Guru

    Rousey's return?

    I'm not sure if it's just gossip, but Ronda Rousey is said to be returning to the WWE soon. I really wish she wouldn't. I've no interest in the WWE reviving the Becky versus Rousey feud. It had so much potential before, but it turned out disappointing. I'd like to see Becky in the ring with...
  2. Snarky-Guru

    Fave AEW theme music

    I like most of their themes and think they suit each personality. All except for MJF's. It starts with MJF saying his motto, "I'm better than you," then heads straight into generic elevator music. It's bonkers! I'm a massive fan of his, but that theme song is just pathetic.
  3. Snarky-Guru

    What's the most impulsive...

    I moved back in with my mum and dad. I had lost my job at the start of the pandemic. I absolutely panicked when I couldn't find another job within a couple of weeks, and was afraid I'd run out of savings and not be able to afford my rent in a few months time. So I packed up my flat and moved...
  4. Snarky-Guru

    Music You Discovered Through Gaming

    All the games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise have appealing music, but "San Andreas" and "Vice City" are a cut above the others. "San Andreas" led me to discover Rage Against the Machine. "Vice City" had a ton of older songs that I'd never heard before like Iron Maiden's 2 Minutes to...
  5. Snarky-Guru

    The Kardashians

    i just came here to post about this. Like you, I've never seen the show, but I've heard it gossiped about enough that I feel like a viewer. I wonder what happened? Was it Kanye's craziness that pushed it over the edge?
  6. Snarky-Guru

    New Bravo Housewives Series

    It sounds messy and I'm here for it! I wish they had some of the successful Mormon bloggers on the show, but I guess those ladies weren't foolish enough to jeopardize their income for a little more fame.
  7. Snarky-Guru

    Hauling The Mail

    "Chain mail" is a favourite of mine. It's metal armour that's formed by a pattern of small chain links. Another is "to pull a blinder" which just means to skillfully achieve something that's difficult. "Bog-standard" is another and it means ordinary. I haven't used that one in a while.
  8. Snarky-Guru

    What are gamers playing?

    Have any of you guys ever played Animal Crossing? It's super popular with my young niece, so I just assumed that it's a kid's game. Good on them for being so successful though.
  9. Snarky-Guru

    NOS4A2 is just another It

    I've been watching the second season of NOS4A2 and the episodes have been hit-or-miss, but one thing that's become stunningly clear is that Joe Hill basically rewrote his father's bestselling novel, It. Joe Hill's dad is the legendary Stephen King. There are loads of similarities between It...
  10. Snarky-Guru

    Project UFO

    I've never even heard of it, but I'm not from the US and for some reason, the aliens seem to frequent you guys more often. Must be some amazing hospitality.
  11. Snarky-Guru


    It's supposed to be in post-production. I wasn't fond of the original, but I reckon the remake might turn out better. I like Rebecca Ferguson and think she's quite talented, but I'll probably wait until it hits Netflix or some other streaming service before watching.
  12. Snarky-Guru

    I Have A Question

    But that is a big deal, surely. I would expect the Jackson heir to dine at the fanciest of places, not at a takeaway spot. Shouldn't he be eating a sumptuous 10-course meal similar to the likes of Downtown Abbey? But, no, no, Blanket is just like one of us. He's so relatable. I assume...
  13. Snarky-Guru

    Most Love, You Hate

    Things that most people love, but you absolutely hate (or at least don't get the fuss). What would make your list? -steak -pub quizzes (fun at first, but got old quickly) -Elton John (bit boring) -Prince William - brow lamination -true-crime podcasts -John Cena -The Rock (though I do go...
  14. Snarky-Guru

    How old is too old?

    My 42-year-old cousin just announced on Facebook that she's pregnant. I offered my congratulations, but in the back of my mind, I admit I think that's awfully late in life to have children. Her husband is already 48-years-old. I know it's a sensitive topic and I'd never say anything rude to...
  15. Snarky-Guru

    Summer pests

    Ticks. I can't stand the little buggers. Anything that sucks your blood is just disgusting. Misquotes and fleas tie for second place. I can handle the other pests.