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Recent content by ShaolinHandLock

  1. ShaolinHandLock

    PlayStation 5 is (probably) coming.

    IF the PlayStation 5 is actually coming soon, I'll probably not bother with it, for various reasons I can't be bothered to go into.
  2. ShaolinHandLock

    Axel Rotten Dies Aged 44

  3. ShaolinHandLock

    Is it just me....

    But I wasn't making a 'song and dance' about it? All I did was point out that the changes might not all be positive at the time, and all I meant by my comment in this thread was that I'm not that surprised that forum activity has gone on the decline since the changes. What "incident" is this...
  4. ShaolinHandLock

    Is it just me....

    I said this might happen when the forum changes were announced. Nobody believed me.
  5. ShaolinHandLock

    Christopher Lee has passed away

    I just read this on Twitter about 10 minutes ago. It's not fair. R.I.P. :(
  6. ShaolinHandLock

    Perro Aguayo, Jr. dies during a match (featuring Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Manik)

    I'm just going to pop in here before going to bed, and correct you, the match wasn't in AAA, but an indy lucha promotion known as Crash. A few days ago Mysterio was in a tag match with Aguayo in AAA, that match being Mysterio's first post-WWE match, this match was Mysterio's second post-WWE...
  7. ShaolinHandLock


    I still find it incredibly weird that both of my go-to wrestling forums have turned into general pop culture thingies.....
  8. ShaolinHandLock

    Major changes for Talk Wrestling Online and Wrestling 101 in 2015

    Everything is all different and weird...
  9. ShaolinHandLock

    H}{H-Evolution here - Account issue.

    Finally my account is working. Had the same issue as everyone above.
  10. ShaolinHandLock

    Music Club XIII: 2014

    Brody Dalle - Underworld - "This video is not available in your country". I might have to find an alternate link and review it then. The Afghan Whigs - Algiers - Like a lot of stuff posted in the music club, I think I'd like this more as an instrumental. The music is fine, but the vocals do...
  11. ShaolinHandLock

    Music Club XIII: 2014

    I've been having a really hard time thinking of something to pick... That being said, I'll make sure to get my reviews done either later tonight or sometime tomorrow. :)
  12. ShaolinHandLock

    What colour is the dress?

    White and Gold, and I'm sick of seeing this thing everywhere.
  13. ShaolinHandLock

    How are you today?

    Possibly, but I've felt that way for at least a couple of years now regardless of what mood I'm in. Well I do hate myself, but I believe that if people knew about me, they'd all hate me. If only it was that simple. Most of the things that make me happy are either stigmatised or ridiculed, or...
  14. ShaolinHandLock

    How are you today?

    I've been in a weird mood lately. I'm just sick of the fact that the world hates me.
  15. ShaolinHandLock

    Suge Knight shot 6 times

    Quoting myself here to prove my point. This doesn't surprise me at all.