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  1. Revenger

    Fading 3D Movies

    There are still several movies being created that have the 3D option. However, I think this type of movie entertainment is fading fast. I prefer watching a film in HD as there is no hassle of wearing 3D glasses.
  2. Revenger

    Changing the Past

    You may even end up dead sooner because of unpredicted events in a different timeline. I still would like to change for the past if I have the ability to do it to make my life better. I may have to change the way I spend money because I spent too much on things I don't really need.
  3. Revenger

    Do We Still Need To Buy Games?

    You are correct, Zack. The free-to-play slogan is just that, a slogan. Game developers create games to profit from it, and not just to make the world a more enjoyable place to live in.
  4. Revenger

    Do We Still Need To Buy Games?

    On the contrary, game developers and studios are going into free-to-play games that will have in-game purchases. Of course, there are still gamers who would prefer buying their favorite game. What I'm saying is that many of the genres can now have a free-to-play game.
  5. Revenger

    Pirate Movies

    I think a TV production capitalized on the pirate theme by making Black Sails. It wasn't bad, I suppose, but it wasn't great as well. I watched that TV show, but it didn't capture the charm of Captain Jack Sparrow.
  6. Revenger

    Conclusion of the Jedi Story

    I honestly did not know that there is a new trilogy of Star Wars. It is not a surprise though, because the Jedi story is very rich and they can create endless stories about it.
  7. Revenger

    Conclusion of the Jedi Story

    Star Wars could be the longest movie series of all time. I recently saw the trailer of "The Rise of the Skywalker". It took 43 years and 9 movies to finish this story about the Jedis.
  8. Revenger

    Best Animated Film For You

    I like Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse as well. The story is very well done and it opens up possibilities for more stories about the different Spiderman characters. Pikachu is not an animated film even though it originated from the Pokemon animated series.
  9. Revenger

    Pirate Movies

    The thing with Captain Jack's story is that it is basically finished. If you need to know, there is another installment of this franchise coming next year. I'm trying to find a trailer but failed to find one.
  10. Revenger

    Do We Still Need To Buy Games?

    Do we really need to buy games nowadays wherein there are a lot of free games that can be played through mobile and browser games? I'm scanning my phone with so many free games, and more free games are being developed that I can't play all of them.
  11. Revenger

    Custom controllers

    It depends on how dedicated you are as a gamer. I like playing games but not to the point of joining tourneys because I'm not that good enough for serious competitions. So for me, it would be a waste if I customize my gaming rig.
  12. Revenger

    No Animals Were Harmed In This Film

    I know the animals were not harmed during the filming. I'm only wondering how they made it looked real. There are behind-the-scenes videos with human actors, but I haven't actually seen videos on how they film animals.
  13. Revenger


    Hey there Alex. I have a similar movie and TV show preference. I was not disappointed with the GoT ending, although I have a different ending in mind. As for Marvel, I wish there will be a crossover between the X-Men and the Avengers now that a few of the Marvel characters are gone.
  14. Revenger

    Family-Themed Video Games

    I recently saw an ad by Hasbro about board games. I think there is a Monopoly video game. I haven't tried it yet so I don't know how it works. We have a Monopoly board game and it is great for family game time.
  15. Revenger

    Stress Relievers

    I watch movies when I'm stressed out, mostly comedy in order for me to calm down. A beer or any alcoholic beverage will often calm me down if ever I cannot watch a movie.