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Recent content by lymmo

  1. lymmo

    The resumption of the EPL

    At some point, we all thought that the entire competition risked voiding, which would have been unfair to Liverpool. I don't see anything standing in their way, despite the final games occurring in the absence of fans. We have a little over a week to go.
  2. lymmo


    The fact that there are no fans is understandable, and we all can't wait for normalcy to return. Other sports like soccer leagues are due to resume with games taking place in designated empty stadiums.
  3. lymmo

    Tyson Fury taunting Anthony Joshua

    When asked about a potential fight with the WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO heavyweight champion, he told ESPN: "One hundred percent Joshua's not dangerous, at all, he's like a big cuddly baby." The psychological games have begun in earnest. Would a unification bout between the pair be a fight of the...
  4. lymmo

    Mandatory masks, staying home?

    There are tons of unique masks out there, and most companies have brought forth their creative side. I have seen a few friends sharing tips about making home-made ones. It's not too much to ask from people, and in my opinion, those protestors are not being honest with themselves.
  5. lymmo

    Approaching May

    We discussed the corona situation, and most friends agreed that there is a slow return to normalcy. How soon we go back to normal will depend on a lot of factors, but just like you, I am looking forward to a more robust second half of the year.
  6. lymmo

    Mother Nature is crazy

    Humans have been emitting greenhouse gases, and this has led to a rise in global temperature of more than 1-degree centigrade. See, climate change means more extreme weather, and different places are either experiencing record-breaking heat or more freezing conditions.
  7. lymmo

    Carlos Tevez's plea

    Athletes are among the best-paid athletes globally, and so it wasn't surprising to hear the Argentinian calling on other football starts to forfeit their salaries and wages for the year to help fight the coronavirus pandemic. According to him, a football player can live comfortably for a year...
  8. lymmo

    Biggest fall from grace

    Does fame get into people's heads sometimes and blinds their conscience? Roman Polanski, for instance, pleaded guilty to statutory rape while awaiting sentencing in his sexual abuse case, he managed to flee the country. Forty-two years later, he continues to be a fugitive of the US criminal...
  9. lymmo

    WWE Lawsuits

    It seems the WWE is intent on getting the most from the match, for all its worth. I saw this on WWE's twitter handle four days ago but didn't give it much thought then.
  10. lymmo

    Approaching May

    There is a slight return to normalcy around this place, and hopefully, we should resume our normal activities in a few months. Do you think there was a better way of containing this pandemic? Were the ramifications underestimated?
  11. lymmo

    Got a day without wifi

    We are so reliant on technology and being always online that slow internet, let alone a lack of it, can push us to limits. Though these cases are few and far between, I either grab a book or take a walk whenever there is no WiFi.
  12. lymmo

    How to stay anonymous online

    It can either be criminals targeting online users with intentions of scamming them or advertisers tracking your activities. It is advisable to browse in a private mode where possible, avoid Google/Bing/Yahoo and use DuckDuckGo instead, use VPNs, proxies, or the TOR browser or hide your IP...
  13. lymmo

    Summer Olympics

    It didn't make sense for the Japanese government to insist on hosting the competition, and if the postponement made it more transparent, the better! 2021 is going to be a busy year considering the urgency around the conclusion of most sporting activities.
  14. lymmo

    Are you multilingual?

    I was shocked to realize that there are about 2,000 kanji characters. Who even came up with them in the first place? I am even more motivated to learn Japanese; it's never too late anyway, right?
  15. lymmo

    Favorite actors

    Nicholas Cage was in a league of his own, and so was Denzel Washington. Face Off, Bad Lieutenant, Training Day, Inside Man, and Deja Vu are other movies I enjoyed. Titus Welliver is another accomplished actor.