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Recent content by Liamy2j

  1. Liamy2j

    Well hello

    Ill drink anythinghave kids so dont get out much but have a games room in the house with big tv/dart board/pool table..not to many pubs have them anymore at all they say for safety
  2. Liamy2j

    Well hello

    Thanks Manchester United fan i used to shoot guns in the army we won the mp corp reserve forces shoot in ireland a few times
  3. Liamy2j

    Renee young

    That wouldn't be hard
  4. Liamy2j

    Renee young

    What ya make of renee on raw I thought she did a great job and i keep her on it..she knows her stuff and would only get better beside cole
  5. Liamy2j

    Well hello

    Wrestling mad love darts man utd ufc and beer
  6. Liamy2j

    Beer me

    Beer me