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  1. HighlyLogical

    Decorating for Halloween?

    @Poppy I like handing out candy too, but I did that in the past when I lived in a different place (more residential) than where I live now. Where I live now, I don't see many kids doing much trick or treating. I still like to buy candy for my own personal use though, after all, it is...
  2. HighlyLogical

    Decorating for Halloween?

    Have any of you decorated for Halloween? I have done very little, and I mean very little decorating, although I planned (and still plan) to do more. I want to get some candy dishes, and put out some 'treats ' in my house, I also want to get some Halloween themed scented candles that can do...
  3. HighlyLogical

    Holiday Vacation

    I'm planning on spending my Christmas holiday at home. For me, no vacation spot can compare to being at home for the holidays. I don't mind traveling during non-holiday times, but during the holidays, travel for me is a no-no. It doesn't feel relaxing to me. When I was a young girl my family...
  4. HighlyLogical

    How Many Seasons For A TV Show?

    I don't think we differ on this point because I agree with you that characters need to grow as the show goes on, but like you made reference to, not when the characters lose their original traits. I agree with you that the problem is when characters start having a different personality. I'm all...
  5. HighlyLogical

    How Many Seasons For A TV Show?

    I agree with @ShadowEdge that a show should end when it loses its direction. I think that when a group of people come together to bring a show to life, there is a certain energy there, and over time that energy can be lost. Over time they still put a lot of energy into getting the show on the...
  6. HighlyLogical

    Rude collection agent!

    I'm happy to hear that things are turning around for you. Debt is no fun. I figure I will need to work for about two or three years straight, seven days a week to pay off my bills. Ugh, but it could be worse. You actually sold plasma to support yourself? I've heard of people doing that, I've...
  7. HighlyLogical

    How did you come up with your username?

    @FlyyGurl Nothing wrong with wanting to be a Fly Girl! Yes! I love it:clap It sure did take JLo places, didn't it? Well to be fair, JLo took JLo places, but you know what I mean. Any way, do you mind if I ask you what type of dancing you like to do?
  8. HighlyLogical

    How did you come up with your username?

    I love Star Trek, and I try to watch it anytime it comes on TV, especially the original episodes. I got my name from Spock's dialog, things were always logical and illogical with him. One of my favorite characters to watch on TV. Spock thrills me to no end, not all Vulcans though, just him.
  9. HighlyLogical

    Rude collection agent!

    Collection agent, is that what they are called? Well, whatever they are called, this guy was rude. So, awhile ago I had a credit card charge off. I meant to pay on the bill before it went to collections, but I didn't and it charged off. I'm human, I fall behind in my bills sometimes. At any...
  10. HighlyLogical

    23 and Me

    @IdesOfMarch @Mendez Interesting what both of you are saying here. I hadn't even thought of these things, which is very unlike me because I have a conspiracy theory ready for any and all occasions. Puts a whole new spin on my wanting one of these tests done.
  11. HighlyLogical

    Why do people ask for your advice, and then tell you it's wrong?

    It's so aggravating to me when someone asks me for my advice, I give it to them, and then they say something to the equivalent of, "No, that's not the right answer." It's like, first of all, it's called advice. Advice is not an exact science, it is a recommendation. Unlike math, there is no...
  12. HighlyLogical

    23 and Me

    I haven't considered 23andMe. Awhile back I considered doing, if my memory serves me correctly. But maybe I will give 23andMe a go because people seem to be doing these tests right and left. It's so interesting that you say this about your not wanting to find out about health...
  13. HighlyLogical


    @Mendez I adore YouTube, it's one of my favorite things to watch. I love watching planner videos, and "Plan With Me" videos. They are addictive! I've recently started watching "Clean with me" videos. I also watch cooking channels , and I watch paid movies. I'll 'rent' them for a couple of days...
  14. HighlyLogical

    Stephen King, What Can You Say About His Stories?

    Tie the hands and feet! Exactly. Or at least shoot her once in each leg, or once in one leg if you feel like shooting her in both legs is excessive. Or if there's no gun available, stab her in one of her feet or something. Ugh! Just writing about this has made my blood pressure go up a little...
  15. HighlyLogical

    Childhood Dreams

    Yes, I remember a couple of people asking me this. One day I was over to ("over to" ... is that how you say that?) one of my mother's friend's houses, and I was there to do some cleaning. I was a little girl, and one of my passions was cleaning, so I use to help in that area any time the...