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Recent content by francisbaud

  1. francisbaud

    The popularity of gaming

    I think that there are a lot more people who were watching TV regularly who transitioned to gaming or web surfing (including streaming), than the opposite. But it's still always fun to sit in the lounge comfortably with the family or friends.
  2. francisbaud

    What are the benefits?

    I think that most games make players use little creativity, logical thinking or patience. It's almost all about instant gratification, linear paths and dumbed down gameplay. Hopefully some day game studios will develop game that are challenging and require intellectual skills, tactics and team...
  3. francisbaud

    Currently playing?

    Last game I've played (beside short sessions of, or some minutes of MMO playtesting) is League of Legends. I spent probably thousands of hours on that game, could play for a complete day non-stop. I enjoyed doing support with Nami, Sona and Braum (had trouble aiming with Thresh or Blitz).