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Recent content by dpddave

  1. D

    True Detective Season 2

    It's gonna be interesting to see how Vince Vaughan does in this, I'm not a big fan of Taylor Kitsch either. Hopefully they both up their game. The acting in the last series was unbelievable so they have a lot to live up to. Farrell should kill it.
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    How are you today?

    Damn, sorry to hear that King :(
  3. D

    Liverpool Vs Man Utd

    I don't care who wins as long as Liverpool win.
  4. D


    The forum is the very same except it's changed the name. All the sub forums are as they were.
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    Concerts, Gigs and Festivals 2015 Thread

    Man the Rock Werchter festival lineup has me depressed looking at it. I'll be going to the Electric Picnic festival as usual in Ireland this year. Florence is headlining. I'll most likely pick up tickets online for the Foo Fighters at Slane and 100% for AC/DC at Croke park closer to the gig dates.
  6. D

    Rusev's streak?

    If it was up to me I'd have him beat Cena at WM and continue undefeated until SummerSlam where he takes the title off whoever is champion. Reigns I guess. Have him hold it straight through until WM 32 where you have your white hot face (DB?) coming off a Rumble win challenge him. Then BOOM...
  7. D

    Adam Johnson arrested over sex claims

    He should move to a Spanish club, the legal age is 13 there.
  8. D

    The Premier League 2014/15

    That's the.... it looks like King died typing that post. RIP m8
  9. D

    Qatar World Cup

    This is shocking and they've still got another 7 years to go
  10. D

    FA Cup 2014/15

    Pretty much a perfect draw for Liverpool. I'm hoping United knock out Arsenal as I think we'd have a much better chance of beating United in the semi or final. Gerrard's last game for Liverpool being an FA Cup final against United would be pretty epic as well.
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    Deadline Day Thread

    Same, we've been linked to him for over a year for crazy amounts of money and he goes to Spurs for 5 f**king million. We'll probably end up paying 15m for someone like Delph in the Summer.
  12. D

    What was the last thing you bought yourself?

    Speaking of weed
  13. D

    What was the last thing you bought yourself?

    I'm currently pissed on jack and coke in Luton, next time you're here let me know and I'll let you buy me one.
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    WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Discussion Thread - January 25, 2015 from Philadelphia, PA

    Even if DB wasn't in the Rumble last night Reigns was still gonna get sh*t on. Literally nobody wanted him in the WM main event and the hate for him has been building online for months. The fact it was philly made it 10x worse. Most of it's not even his fault, he's not The Rock, Cena or...