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Recent content by alexszollo

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    I am Romanian, but growing up with a lot of undubbed Cartoon Network, my natural accent in English is American, but I can speak RP English and Southern American accent too(Huge Elvis fan, so that helps).
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    I am somewhere between the Lannisters and the Starks. I find the final season to be a bit of a clusterfrick, to be completely honest, but they did go all-in with the special effects, so there is that. As for what show I will flock to, there is still a great deal of stuff I have yet to get into...
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    Hello, guys and girls! My name is Alex Szollo, I am 28, I live in Timisoara, Romania, and I am a complete and total geek. I fondly remember the good old times, about twelve years ago, when I was a complete and total wrestling mark, and always had beef with Craig, the moderator on the TWO...