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Recent content by Adam Sibley

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    Can a Crowd make an Event?

    I think a good crowd can make a good event great but it cant make a bad event good if you know what i mean. it has to be a mix of both.
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    Wrestling 101 Redesigned!!

    well done Kam the site looks awesome.
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    I'm back

    cheers Dan. It's a good to be back. Hopefully 2006 will be a big year for me and this site.
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    I'm back

    hey I still maintain i was robbed.
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    I'm back

    who am I? I am me.
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    Eugene injured and suspended

    Just posted about it on ukff this is my 2 cents for what its worth. Last time wwe toured england they stayed in the hilton at birmingham and caused a ruckus with the general public in the lobby which was heavily publicised and nobody got fired. this time round the only places this has been...
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    I'm back

    cheers buddy old pal. Just want to say you and good old Mitch have been doing a superb job on the UK Scene, better than I ever did. I have been checking it weekly from my various points around the world for a good read and it has never failed to impress. Will be in touch shortly mate.
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    I'm back

    Hey guys, It's been too long but i'm finally back. Its been a weird and crazy 4 months so many stories which I will no doubt bore you all with at a later date. I just wanted to say i've got tons of stuff going on at the moment but I do hope to come back on the writing team if Kam will let me...
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    my last column

    For my last column at 101 our very own Dan sat down for a shoot interview with me. Some are finding it quite controversial so i would love to hear your feedback on it. To view the article go to:
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    Happy Birthday TWO!!!

    happy 5th birthday TWO.
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    I'm leaving

    Hey guys As the title says after writing about wrestling for three years I am putting my pen down and stepping away from the wrestling game. I am about to go through some major changes in my life with new challenges along the way I’m sure but I do hope one day to start writing about wrestling...
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    Stepping down

    Pab you will be missed my good friend.
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    Win a signed copy of "Walking a Golden Mile" by William Regal!

    It is in my possesion as i got regal to sign it when i went up to interview him. it will be sent out on tuesday as im out of the house for a couple of days now. well done.
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    starting to develop a liking for farmhouse bread. comes highly recommended.
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    Adam Sibley vs. Elder

    well done elder good work champ.