Talk Whatever Online FAQ

Who owns Talk Whatever Online (TWO)?


When was it set-up?

It was set up as Talk Wrestling Online on June 25th 2000

Do you make any money from the site?

Very little, and that money does not even cover the costs of running the site.

How much time did you spend designing the site?

When I first launched I spent a month setting up the site and getting everything ready. Any re-designs usually take at least a few months to organise.

How can I find out who has won competitions/FWL at TWO?

See: Winners

How much time do you spend on your website?

I try to spend a few hours a day working on my websites (including CultofWhatever).

Who hosts Talk Wrestling Online?


Can you design me any graphics?

No I’m not very good at graphic design / html, most of the graphics/templates at TWO have been designed by other people just for TWO.

Can I have a job at TWO?

Any job vacancies (unpaid) will be posted in the Announcement Forum

If you have any questions about the site that are not answered here, contact Kam.