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User Groups


If you would like to run a Fantasy League for your own website/community (please ask permission from the site owner if you don't own the site) you can create a usergroup here. This will then allow players to select your usergroup in their control panel. Once a member of your group they will appear on your own groups Leaderboard. They will still be part of the main game (and appear on the main Leaderboard) but by joining a usergroup it will provide easy access to compare your progress against your fellow website members.

Players will only be able to be join 1 usergroup at a time, by default all players will be under the Talk Whatever Online group.

Note: All players will still be included in the main leaderboard, and the prize will only be given to the winner of the main leaderboard.

If you would like to create a new user group, please contact Kam

Current User Groups:

No groups found.