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What is the FWL?

It is basically like fantasy football, but for the WWE. All you have to do is pick a team of WWE Superstars who you think will do well over the next few months. The better they do (more wins), the more points you get. At the end of the time period whoever has the most points, wins a cash prize. Best of all, its FREE to play!

Please note: Talk Whatever Online and the FWL are not associated, affiliated or otherwise endorsed by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). To visit, click here

Season #44 has now begun – no new entries being accepted

Season #44 start date: Monday 11th February 2019

(Beginning with WWE Raw)

Season #44 finish date: Sunday 7th April 2019

(Ending with WWE WrestleMania 35)


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This season your team must consist of 7 Superstars!

You could win up to £250.00 (approx $325), see below for more details

2nd and 3rd position prizes added

The weekly NXT shows are NOT included however NXT TakeOver will be part of the game


You will have THREE opportunities to change THREE picks and/or your Captain, click here for more info


You will be able to select a team of 7 WWE Superstars and your budget is set at $4,000,000. You will also need to choose a Team Captain, select carefully as this captain will receive double points!

FWL Rules

Make sure you also read the: Competition Rules page

* You must be a registered member of the Talk Whatever Online Forums (it’s free to register).

* You must be a resident of the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, New Zealand or Australia. (This is so that I can send you the prize if you opt for the gift voucher option, I would need to use an English language website to order the prize) If your not interested in the prize (or have a valid Paypal account), you can enter from any country.

* You must be over the age of 16.

* Your entries must be received in the times specified.

* You must pick a team with the set amount of Superstars and within the set budget.

* You cannot change your superstars after the deadline for entries has passed, however you will be able to change 3 superstars from your team during the FWL period (within specific dates, keep an eye on the FWL forum!).

The Prize

The winner of each season of our WWE Fantasy Wrestling League will win £50 (approx $70) PLUS the opportunity to boost their prize.

We’ll also be offering a 2nd place prize of £25 (approx $35) and a third place prize of £15 (approx $20).

The prize will be sent via Paypal to the winner, or if you prefer we can try to arrange a gift voucher of equal value for an online store: etc

First Place: Boost Your Prize

If you win the season (coming first place) you could increase your prize if you join in with discussions on our forum, if you do not contribute to the forum you are still eligible for a £50 prize. However if you are a regular contributor to the forum and win the season…the better your prize could be.

The winner of the season will win:

£50.00: 0 posts
£75.00: 1-250 posts
£100.00: 251-500 posts*
£125.00: 501-750 posts*
£150.00: 751-1000 posts*
£175.00: 1001-1250 posts*
£200.00: 1251-1500 posts*
£250.00: 1501+ posts*

Posts can be the Entertainment, Wrestling, Video Games, Sports, Boxing & MMA or General Chat forums

* You must have made 25 posts within the season. The post count will be taken at the end of the final day of the season. Posts will be checked so please do not spam as they will not count! Talk Whatever Online’s decision will be final.

In the event of a tie the prize will be split by split by the number of winners against their own prize banding. So for example if we had a first place tie, MemberA (0 posts) and MemberB (501 posts) are both joint winners; Member A will receive £25 (£50/2) and MemberB will receive £62.50 (£125/2) as long as Member B has made 25 posts during the season. If not, then they would get £37.50 (£75/2).

The 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be shared equally with the number of players, so if we have 2 players coming 2nd, they’d have £12.50 each (£25/2).

Member of another forum/website? Create your own user group!

Would you like to create a User Group with your own Leaderboard? Click here for more information.


You can only register one account! Any members caught using the same IP or using proxy servers to try and get around the rules will have all their accounts deleted. Any issues/concerns please contact Kam.

The Points

* The shows included are WWE Raw, Smackdown, 205 Live, Main Event and any PPV’s. (Weekly NXT shows are NOT included!)

* Points are earned for title wins, TV appearances and wins.

The Show
PPV Main Event Win
PPV Main Event Match Appearance (run-ins do not count)
PPV Loss
PPV Match Appearance
PPV Appearance
Successful Title Defence on PPV (Any title)
Successful Title Defence on Raw, Main Event or Smackdown (Any title)
Raw / Smackdown / Main Event / 205 Live Win
Raw / Smackdown / Main Event / 205 Live Loss
Raw / Smackdown / Main Event / 205 Live Match Appearance
Raw / Smackdown / Main Event / 205 Live Appearance

Bonus points are given for title wins:

WWE Universal Championship / WWE Championship
WWE Raw/Smackdown Womens title
WWE Intercontinental / US Title
WWE Raw/Smackdown Tag-Team Title
WWE Cruiserweight title

NXT TakeOver points will be scored as a WWE PPV, with the title bonuses the SAME as their respective titles on the main brand shows

The Win bonus would be added to the appearance score so for example a win on Raw / Smackdown / Main Event / 205 Live would earn 30pts (20pts for match appearance and 10pts for win). A win at a PPV would earn 60pts. A loss on Raw / Smackdown / Main Event / 205 Live would earn 15pts (20pts for match appearance, -5 for loss). A win in a PPV main event would earn 95pts. You would add the bonus points of winning any title on top of these points.

The “Main Event” points will be awarded to the final match of the evening, unless otherwise stated i.e. “double main event”.

The appearances can be anything ( interview, appearing at ringside, interfering in a match, standing in the background etc) but only 1 appearance per show can count. Trailers, clips of previous shows (this includes press events, tours etc) or vignettes for current superstars are NOT included.

Talk Whatever Online’s decision will be final.

Each week all the members that have entered – will be put into a leaderboard – the member with the most points by the end of the period gets the prize.

*The FWL is based on REAL results from Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, 205 Live and PPV’s!


1) Register on the Talk Whatever Online Forums if you are not a member already.

2) Login to the Talk Whatever Online Forums (you must be logged in there before you can try and login to the FWL user control panel).

3) Go to the FWL User Control Panel, and login using the same username and password you use for the TWO Forums.

4) Click the “Picks” link, and make your selection. If you go over the specified budget or pick less than the required amount of Superstars it will NOT accept them.

5) Are you a member (or part of) of any of the user groups listed? Just select the name from the drop down menu under the ‘Your User Groups’ heading. You can only join ONE group! By default all players will appear in the Talk Whatever Online usergroup.  (Let me know if you want a user group created for your forum or website)

6) Once you have selected your wrestlers and joined any user groups – you can check on the FWL picks page that your entries are ok. You will be able to change your wrestlers at anytime BEFORE the FWL game starts, you just go back to the above steps and alter your picks. Once the FWL period begins you will have to stick to the wrestlers you have selected, although you will be given the opportunity to change one wrestler sometime during the FWL (most likely half-way through the period). But you will still be able to login to the FWL user control panel to see how many points your wrestlers have got each week, as well as all the other wrestlers points.

7) Please check to see you do have an ACTIVATED forum account – as if you do not, your FWL entry WILL be deleted. You should have received an email when you registered and clicked an activation link within it) – email Kam if your having problems. If you are able to post on the forums then you have nothing to worry about.

8) Set your notifications for the FWL forum, details here.

9) Join the Talk Whatever Online fan page on Facebook to receive FWL updates (these will also be posted in our FWL forum).

10) Please share the game! Whether it’s through social media or word of mouth please share this page to allow others to join in too.

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All updates and news will be posted in the FWL forum. It is your responsibility to check the forum weekly to ensure you are up to date!

Having any problems? Just post your questions in the FWL Forum